Parrots with Cages for sale

Parrots with cages for sale

The many questions people ask about when deciding on buying a parrot is if the parrot is going to come with a cage . And for many years we have had our fare share and know just what right in such a situation.

Firstly at Papagan parrots and birds farm we take quality care of our birds and their well being and not just when they are still with us but even when they get to their new homes . From experience we know how much our birds can grow and decide which cage is best for the bird.

Getting a cage that is small for the bird is a situation you don’t want to find yourself in , cause this will definitely affect the growth and behavior of the bird and may some times even lead to the disorientation of the bird and behavior and thus the bird may exert some unpleasant behaviors due to this problem

At papagan every bird or parrot which is bought from us comes with a cage which is most suitable for the bird and the buy may decide to get additional cages depending on his or her discretion 

Parrots with cages for sale

Parrots with cages for sale

What to Consider to Buy a Prevue Hendryx Cage?

While picking the ideal bird enclosure, you need to consider:

Size of cage

You need an enclosure that will permit your bird to extend its wings without contacting the bars or flying into confine mates. For really flying room, pick more extensive enclosures and for more close to home space, taller enclosures work best.

Bar Spacing of cage

The bars should be separated close enough so your bird can’t get its head through yet far sufficient separated so a wing or foot will not stall out.

Access of cage

Search for an enclosure that permits simple admittance to food and water dishes. Slide-out litter plates makes cleaning confines simpler and make less steamed for your bird. An enormous access entryway with a multi-step lock will make it simple to arrive at your bird however will help keep even the most intelligent bird, or other family pet, from opening the enclosure startlingly.

Shape of cage

While round enclosures might look charming, birds need squared corners to have a sense of security. An arch molded top will add more space to an enclosure, yet attempt to give corners to security. 


Here you’ll find the perfect cage to meet your pet bird or Parrot’s requirements, as well as to suit your home. Search by bird type or brand on the left.
The large front door (with a secure lock) makes it really easy to access the inside of the cage for maintenance and cleaning, as well as making light work of getting your Parrot in and out of the cage. Other features such as the slide-out metal grille and tray and removable seed catchers again help you to keep your Parrot’s cage (and your floor) clean. Parrots with cages for sale

Four swing-out feeders and doors mean you can easily change your Parrot’s food and water without having to enter the cage, reducing any unnecessary stress. Your Santos Dome Top Parrot Cage also comes with a breeder door and sits on castors so you can easily move the cage if needed. Parrots with cages for sale

If you need a parakeet cage, a large parrot cage, an aluminum cage or just in search for cheap bird cages, you will always find the best vet-recommended and top-quality Parrots with cages for sale selection at King’s Cages, every time! Long-lasting, durable and safe bird cages are the only types of cages you will find here. From parrot cages for sale to breeding cages and all the accessories a bird could ever want, we can easily satisfy your bird requirements for a truly happy and high-quality home!

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